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Some Creative Food Idea for 2020

The whole world is fighting against the pandemic in the year 2020 but for few people it’s all about bringing creativity when it comes to food. Boredom with home quarantine has helped netizens to come out with some creative food idea in this year 2020.

These creative food ideas may look tasty, delicious or weirdly disgusting to you but we are no one to judge. You decide as per your taste buds and let us know in comments how weird you feel about them. But we must salute the creativity shown by these people for giving the world something new (good or bad not judging here 🙂 ) Pasta-Dosa or Ice-cream dessert burger or Chocolate Samosa Pav or Maggi-Puri.

Check these out!

Chocolate Samosa Pav

Dessert Burger

Pasta Dosa

Kiwi Pizza

Nutella Biryani

Maggi Pani Puri


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