5 crucial things to consider before building a new house

5 crucial things to consider before building a new house

If you have already invested in a plot of land and planning the construction of your new house, there are a few things to keep in mind. Following this checklist can help you to get in sync with your architect and design a perfect space that is comfortable, luxurious, and futuristic and yet budget-friendly! We are sure the whole idea already attracts you to know more about it. So, let’s startup with the big plan!

Key aspects to consider for house construction are:

·        Go for a sturdy design as its something that is going to last for ages.

·        Keep your lifestyle in mind before planning the house whether you need a simple dwelling or a luxurious villa.

·        Ask your architect to plan each room with a purpose so that you can optimize most of the available spaces.

·        Always go for a reputed and trusted architect as you are bestowing your dream into someone’s hand, and they would create the masterpiece for you.

·        Do the essential homework such as know about the land laws and regulations so that you do not have to face any unfortunate obstacle or any money-shedding expenses.

5 top things that influence the construction of a new house are as follows:

1.      FAR (Floor Area Ratio)– Not everyone is aware of this term as FAR refers to the maximum space ratio that one could construct on a given piece of land. It is an equation of the available land area and overall floor construction on it. In a few markets, architects also refer to it as the FSI (Floor Space Index). It is vital to check the total FAR available by the development authority or the Development Control Regulations (DCR). For instance, if you have a 500 sq. ft plot and FAR allowance for it is 1.5, then you could construct the 750 sq. ft in all on that specific land. This restricts the built spaces and the open ones to manage the development in that locality.

2.      Planning, design and requirements- While constructing a house, you need to have a clear vision of your requirements. If you are unsure about it, seek assistance from a good architecture firm in planning the home design. Pay attention to minor details like:

·        Basic- Your room sizes, fit-outs, ceiling height, directions, underground pipes and essential ventilation outlets.

·        Bedrooms- It is mindful of designing the bedrooms so that it stays apart from noises and there is essential natural light dropping in.

·        Living room- Pay attention to factors like quality of construction material and tiling choices. It is a smart move to invest in good quality stone, marbles, vitrified or Italian tiles as it cannot be changed often. You can cut down on furniture and fixtures and shift the expenses over there. Many people also prefer an open kitchen to the living room.

·        Entryway- Do you wish to have a grand entrance or the subtle one? Consult your architect about the choice of a chandelier or the HVAC planning, including the entrance structure.

·        Closets- Planning optimum storage in minimum spaces with the closets is not everyone’s job. With the help of architectural excellence, a professional architect can help you create a lot of space yet make the rooms look open and bigger.

·        Bath spaces- Some people like to install standing showers, some prefer a bathtub while many are fanatic of exquisite Jacuzzi. You have to check out your budget and try to plan the most lavish outlay for your bathroom area. If you do not have space constraints, try utilizing the whole area by segregating cabinets.

·        Kitchen- It is an area where you would prepare rich feasts and installing suitable chimneys or designing a futuristic modular kitchen is necessary.

·        Rooms- You need to think of the future while planning a house as your family might extend in years to come, and you should not fall short of rooms for easy accommodation.

3.      Dedicated budget and material availability- Selection of good quality and high-end material is vital for designing a sturdy and adequately constructed house. There are various choices like stones, marble, concrete, ceramics or even wood for a premium look. Your architect might also suggest some prefabricated materials that are time and money savvy. The market is flooded with options that help you create a robust house construction that is about to last for ages. Fix up your budget and then divide it for construction, furniture and fittings.

4.      Architects who cater to your desires- You might be unwilling to go with an architect who tries to force their plan, design, and concepts to build your house. Instead, you need someone sensitive towards your requirements and structures a perfect architecture for that purpose. They must be proficient and competitive enough to give you a customized home plan rather than presenting a catalogue of ready-made designs.

5.      A sturdy and future-ready house is all you need- Unlike a sofa set, electrical appliances or the house décor, the house structure is not changeable again and again. So, it is better to consult an architect about the future requirement in terms of rooms and spaces so that you do not have to make alterations thereon. A future-proofing design helps in keeping the fundamental dynamics of the place intact for several years. If there are kids at home, avoid edgy or dangerous designs that might hurt them.

Wrapping up

All-in-all, an exemplary architecture or architectural company can guide you in designing, planning, and executing a dream home that is flawless and perfect! Get started with designs of some signature homes that might work as an inspiration to design your dream home. You can search online for a couple of reputed architects near your locality and then shortlist the choices based on reviews and past customer testimonials. Happy Planning!

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