Cadbury Indian ad on cricket field

Cadbury recreates nostalgic cricket AD from 90’s with gender swap

Remember the nostalgic cricket field advertisement from 90’s in which Cadbury changed the marketing and advertisement concept in India? The famous ad of displaying the passion of a girl dancing on the field after her husband scored a century after hitting a six!

Cadbury recreated the ad this time with the same music but changing the roles of the actors. This time it is an woman cricketer hitting the six and her husband dancing in joy on the field. The new commercial is a recreation of the iconic 1994 one in which a girl celebrates her cricketer boyfriend’s big win with a carefree dance on the cricket field. This time, however, a boy breaks into a dancing mood after his girlfriend hits a six to score a century.

Almost all the scenes of the two ads are similar. Even the original song, Kuch Khaas Hai, sung by Shankar Mahadevan in 1994, has been retained. He shared the ad on Instagram and wrote, “After 27 years it is back !! The roles are reversed !! The company has decided to retain the same song that I had had recorded then in 1994 !! Nostalgiaaaa.”. Isn’t it a real nostalgia for all of us who grew our childhood watching an enjoying this ad on TV? Its the real “asli swaad zindagi ka.

Watch both the ad side by side and tell us your feelings in comment.

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Watch the new ad here from Cadbury which has got 15M+ views on YouTube already.

Watch the old Cadbury cricket field ad here from 1994 in which Shimona Rashi played the Cadbury girl.

Cadbury wrote “Join Cadbury Dairy Milk in celebrating and cheering for our girls who are making spectacular success stories and emerging as powerful role models for the youth.” #CadburyDairyMilk #GoodLuckGirls #KuchAchhaHoJaayeKuchMeethaHoJaaye

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