Hold on babe meme

Hold On Babe Meme – Groom’s Wedding Night Picture Is Viral On Social Media

Hold on babe meme which is about a recent picture of a groom sitting at computer on his wedding night is going viral on social media. The photo shows a groom sitting at a desktop computer with his wedding outfit still on, while his newly-wed bride waits for him in the background of the photo.

It is not clear from the photo what the groom is doing or checking in the computer but looks like he is looking into some social media or some jukebox application to play music to boost up his first night of marriage life.

But that did not stop our netizens on social media to make meme out of it. The picture went viral in less than an hour with many interesting comments from people around the world with a caption ‘Hold on babe’. Here are some of them we are trying to put here.

And finally our Entry 🙂

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