Bollywood Actress Maldives Vacation

Bollywood Celebrities Vacation at Maldives : Meme Pours in Social Media

Maldives is turning out to be the most sought after international destination for Bollywood celebrities to travel amidst Covid19 situation! Every other celebrity seems to be taking their time off 2020 in the island country and social media is seeing too much of it now. #Maldives

With the blue sea underneath and the blue sky above, the stars seem to have the time of their lives in their post-covid vacations. Some celebrities are posting their honeymoon pics, some of them are chilling out in the beach, some of them are enjoying the cool beach with hot photo shoots. Take a look!

However, what didn’t miss the eyes of the netizens is — the pandemic is around and getting worse while the government has been asking everyone to stay at home. There also came criticisms from people, who pointed out that this might not be the best of times, rather insensitive to show off while the world suffers from an economic crisis.

While these celebs are busy having fun at their holiday, netizens stuck at home are having fun through a meme fest on Bollywood stars flocking to Maldives every now and then.

Look at some of them!

Image Credit: Instagram from vedhika4u

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